To me, methought, who waited with a crowd,
There came a bark that, blowing forward, bore
King Arthur, like a modern gentleman
Of stateliest port; and all the people cried,
"Arthur is come again: he cannot die."

"Morte d'Arthur" (1842)
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Arthuriana 22.2 Now Available

Arthuriana 22.2 (Summer 2012) is now available:

Famous in Song and Story Arthurian Legends in Heather Dale's Music

Ann F. Howey

T.H. White, The Once and Future King, and the Scientific Method

Jake La Jeunesse

Castles and the Architecture of Gender in Malory's 'Knight of the Cart'

Molly Martin

Geoffrey's 'Very Old Book' and Penda of Mercia

Edwin Pace

Lost in the Woods: Grey Areas in Malory and the Stanzaic Morte Arthure

Samantha Rayner

An Archaic Tale-Type Determinant of Chrétien's Fisher King and Grail

William Sayers


Siân Echard, The Arthur of Medieval Latin Literature: The Development and Dissemination of the Arthurian Legend in Medieval Latin

William Sayers

Joseph Glaser, trans., with Christine Chism, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Derek Pearsall

William Kuskin, Symbolic Caxton: Literary Culture and Print Capitalism

Paul J. Patterson

Arthur Phillips, The Tragedy of Arthur

Claire M. Busse

Rhiannon Purdie and Michael Cichon, eds., Medieval Romance, Medieval Contexts

Nicole Clifton

Gaêlle Zussa, Merlin, un myth médiéval recyclé dans la production culturelle contemporaine

Stephen Knight

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