To me, methought, who waited with a crowd,
There came a bark that, blowing forward, bore
King Arthur, like a modern gentleman
Of stateliest port; and all the people cried,
"Arthur is come again: he cannot die."

"Morte d'Arthur" (1842)
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Arthur of Medieval Latin Literature

The Arthur of Medieval Latin Literature: The Development and Dissemination of the Arthurian Legend in Medieval Latin

Edited by Siân Echard
University of Chicago Press; Distributed for University of Wales Press
199 pages | 6 1/4 x 10 | © 2011
University of Wales Press - Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages

Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain, written in Latin, is one of the earliest sources for many of the legends we now associate with King Arthur and his knights. What is little known, however, is that the tradition of Arthur stories in Latin extended well beyond Geoffrey. This collection offers essays that highlight different aspects of that broader Latin Arthurian tradition.

      Ad Putter
Introduction: The Arthur of Medieval Latin Literature
      Siân Echard

Section One: The Seeds of History and Legend
1. The Chroniclers of Early Britain
      Nick Higham
2. Arthur in Early Saints’ Lives
      Andrew Breeze

Section Two: Geoffrey of Monmouth
3. Geoffrey of Monmouth
      Siân Echard
4. Geoffrey and the Prophetic Tradition
      Julia Crick

Section Three: Chronicles and Romances
5. Latin Historiography after Geoffrey of Monmouth
      Ad Putter
6. Glastonbury
      Edward Donald Kennedy
7. Arthurian Latin Romance
      Elizabeth Archibald

Section Four: After the Middle Ages
8. Arthur and the Antiquaries
      James P. Carley

Index of Manuscripts
General Index

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