To me, methought, who waited with a crowd,
There came a bark that, blowing forward, bore
King Arthur, like a modern gentleman
Of stateliest port; and all the people cried,
"Arthur is come again: he cannot die."

"Morte d'Arthur" (1842)
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Margins of Arthur's World ACLA Sessions

Here are the details of the Margins of Arthur's World sessions organized by Jon Sherman and Tara Foster for the upcoming meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada from 4-7 April 2013. Be advised that sessions run back-to-back on both 5 April and 6 April from 2:20 to 6:30 PM. Complete conference details and program can be found at

C36 The Margins of King Arthur’s World I
Jon Sherman; Tara Foster
Carr Hall, Room 404
100 St. Joseph Street

April 5, 2:20–4:10
Nahir Otaño Gracia, University of Pennsylvania
“Arthur’s Heirs: Presenting Kingship in Ívens saga and Möttuls saga
William Calin, University of Florida
“On the Geographic Margin of the Arthurian Canon and World: Le Roman de Fergus
Sheri Chriqui, University of Oxford
“A ‘Foreign’ Queen in King Uther’s Court: Fifteenth-Century Insular Xenophobia and Malory’s Portrayal of Arthur’s Mother”
Anna Waymack, University of Texas, Austin
“Other/Worldly Water: The Arthurian Positioning of Death, Danger and Britain”

April 6, 2:20–4:10
Jonathan Cayer, Yale University
“Rather Arthur than Charlemagne: Knightly Consecration in the Chanson de Geste”
Brandy Brown, Pennsylvania State University
“Literary Accretion and the Problem of Hybrid Genre in Tristan de Nanteuil
Caroline Eckhardt, Pennsylvania State University
“Marginalities in the Fourteenth-Century Petit Brut of Rauf de Boun”
Nicolas Tripet, Harvard University
“On the Disruptive Nature of Wandering in Chrétien de Troyes’s Arthurian Romances”

D25 The Margins of King Arthur’s World II
Jon Sherman; Tara Foster
Carr Hall, Room 404
100 St. Joseph Street

April 5, 4:40–6:30
Krista Keller, Ryerson University
“Julia Margaret Cameron and Her Illustration of Alfred Tennyson’s Idylls of the King
Hannah Oliver
“Arthuriana is a Grave: Futurity and the Retelling of Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur
Janet Rich
“Giving Guinevere a Voice: A New Look at the Lady in White”
Nasir Sakandar, University of Minnesota
“Villainess Unhinged: Morgan Le Fay, Morgana, Morgaine, and the Satellite Conqueror”

April 6, 4:40–6:30
Rachel Roepke, Bryn Mawr College
“Fallen suche er þis: Queer Adolescence in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Laurie Rizzo, University of Delaware
“Morgan le Fay in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Justin Brock, University of New Mexico
“The Critical Voices from Joyous Gard: The Homosocial and the Feminine in the Stanzaic Morte Arthur
Kristina Hildebrand, Halmstad University
“Sitting on the Sidelines: Disability in Malory”

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