To me, methought, who waited with a crowd,
There came a bark that, blowing forward, bore
King Arthur, like a modern gentleman
Of stateliest port; and all the people cried,
"Arthur is come again: he cannot die."

"Morte d'Arthur" (1842)
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arthuriana Special Issue on 19th-Century Arthuriana

The latest number of Arthuriana (21.2) for Summer 2011 includes the following contents of interest:

Alan Lupack 3

'Recalled to Life': King Arthur's Return and the Body of the Past in Nineteenth-Century England
Megan L. Morris 5

All Dressed Up: Revivalism and the Fashion for Arthur in Victorian Culture
Inga Bryden 28

Sacred Relics: Travelers and the Holy Grail
Roger Simpson 42

The Arctic Arthur
Stephen Knight 59

Popular Images Derived from Tennyson's Arthurian Poems 90
Alan Lupack


Laurie A. Finke and Martin B. Shichtman, Cinematic Illuminations: The Middle Ages on Film
Kevin J. Harty

Tadahiro Ikegami, trans., Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Kuniko Shoji

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