"From the great deep to the great deep he goes."

Idylls of the King
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Arthuriana for Winter 2013

Arthuriana 23.4 (Winter 2013)

IV. Iceland, Images, Ideals, and Indices

From the Editor
Dorsey Armstrong

Eminent Arthurian: Geoffrey Ashe
Norris J. Lacy

Arthurian Knights in Fourteenth-Century Iceland: Erex Saga and Ívens Saga in the World of Ormur Snorrason  Bjørn Bandlien

Picturing Arthur in English History: Text and Image in the Middle English Prose Brut  
Elizabeth Bryan

To the Well: Malory’s Sir Palomides on Ideals of Chivalric Reputation, Male Frienship, Romantic Love, Religious Conversion—and Loyalty
Sue Ellen Holbrook
Dating De ortu Waluuanii from Twelfth-Century Ship Design
Mildred Leake Day
Arthur Bahr, Fragments and Assemblages: Forming Compilations of Medieval London
Leah Haught
Emma Campbell and Robert Mills, eds., Rethinking Medieval Translation: Ethics, Politics, Theory
Michèle Goyens
Alan J. Fletcher, The Presence of Medieval English Literature: Studies at the Interface of History, Author and Text in a Selection of Middle English Literary Landmarks
Arthur Bahr
Kathleen Forni, Chaucer’s Afterlife: Adaptations in Recent Popular Culture
Marie Schilling Grogan
Karen L. Frescon and Charles D. Wright, eds, Translating the Middle Ages
Stephanie A. Viereck Gibbs Kamath

Marie de France, The Lays, trans. Edward J. Gallagher.
Norris J. Lacy
Michael N. Salda, Arthurian Animation: A Study of Cartoon Camelots on Film and Television
Roger Simpson
Sif Rikhardsdottir, Medieval Translations and Cultural Discourse: The Movement of Texts in England, France, and Scandinavia
Matthieu Boyd
Karl Steel, How to Make a Human: Animals and Violence in the Middle Ages
Ryan R. Judkins
Carolynn Van Dyke, ed., Rethinking Chaucerian Beasts
Carl Grey Martin

Arthuriana 23.3 for Fall 2013

Arthuriana 23.3 (Fall 2013)

III. Grails, Innocents, and Apocalypses

Verse and Prose in the Continuations of Chrétien de Troyes’ Conte du Graal
Massimiliano Gaggero

The Communication of Culture: Speech and the ‘Grail’ Procession in Historia Peredur vab Efrawc
A. Joseph McMullen

Jessie Weston and the Green Knight
Daniel Nastali

King Arthur and His Knights for Edwardian Children
Velma Bourgeois Richmond

Envisioning the End: History and Consciousness in Medieval English
Arthurian Romance
Jon Whitman
Susan Aronstein, An Introduction to British Arthurian Narrative
Siân Echard
Paul Battles, ed., Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Michael W. Twomey
Lawrence Besserman, Biblical Paradigms in Medieval English Literature:
From Cædmon to Malory
Mary Davy Behrman
John M. Bowers, An Introduction to the Gawain Poet
Ad Putter
Nigel Bryant, trans., Perceforest: The Prehistory of King Arthur’s Britain
Karen Casebier
Neil Cartlidge, ed., Heroes and Anti-Heroes in Medieval Romance
Raluca l. Radulescu

C. Stephen Jaeger, ed., Magnificence and the Sublime in Medieval Aesthetics: Art, Architecture, Literature, Music
Tara Williams
Catherine Nall, Reading and War in Fifteenth-Century England: From Lydgate to Malory
Thomas H. Crofts
John A. Pitcher, Chaucer’s Feminine Subjects: Figures of Desire in the
Canterbury Tales
Giselle Gos

Seiji Shinkawa, Unhistorical Gender Assignment in La3amon’s Brut: A Case Study of a Late Stage in the Development of Grammatical Gender toward its Ultimate Loss
Mary Niepokuj ]
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fall of Arthur
Shaun F.D. Hughes
Christopher A. Synder

Arthuriana 23.2 for Summer 2013

Arthuriana 23.2 (Summer 2013)

II. Merlin

The Arthurian Opera by Isaac Albéniz and Francis Money-Coutts (1852–1923): Libretto Translation Theories Applied to Merlin  
Juan Miguel Zarandona

La fin de Merlin dans la Suite du Roman de Merlin, son adaptation espagnole, le Baladro del sabio Merlin, et trois romans de chevalerie espagnols
Rosalba Lendo

The Devil’s in the Detail: Translating Merlin’s Father from the Merlin en Prose in Paulino Pieri’s Storia di Merlino
Laura J. Campbell

Ruled by Merlin: Mirrors for Princes, Counseling Patterns and Malory’s ‘Tale of King Arthur’
Louise Boyle

David Clark and Kate McClune, eds., Arthurian Literature XXVIII, Blood, Sex, Malory: Essays on the Morte Darthur
Kenneth Hodges
Karl Fugelso, ed., Studies in Medievalism XXI: Corporate Medievalism II
Roberta Davidson
Laurent Guyénot, La Lance qui saigne: Métatextes et hypertextes du ‘Conte de Graal’ de Chrétien de Troyes
Ann McCollough
Sharon Kinoshita and Peggy McCracken, Marie de France: A Critical Companion
Matthieu Boyd

David Lang, love fail
Joan Tasker Grimbert
Nicholas Perkins and Alison Wiggins, The Romance of the Middle Ages
Robert Rouse
Carol L. Robinson and Pamela Clements, eds., Neomedievalism in the Media: Essays on Film, Television, and Electronic Games
Nickolas Haydock
Nicole D. Smith, Sartorial Strategies: Outfitting Aristocrats and Fashioning Conduct in Late Medieval England
E. Jane Burns

Arthuriana 23.1 for Spring 2013

A long delayed contents update on Arthuriana. Here is the first of 4 posts. All of the papers are revised from conference presentations at the 2011 meeting of the Triennial Congress of the International Arthurian Society. 

Arthuriana 23.1 (Spring 2013)

From the Editor
Dorsey Armstrong

Arthur Pendragon, Eco-Warrior
Laurie A. Finke And Martin B. Shichtman

The Eco-Tourist, English Heritage, and Arthurian Legend: Walking with Thoreau
Kathleen Coyne Kelly

Reading Ruins: Arthurian Caerleon and the Untimely Architecture of History
Robert Rouse

‘The Wilderness of Wirral’ in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Gillian Rudd

Peter Ackroyd, The Death of King Arthur
Samantha J. Rayner
C. Stephen Jaeger, Enchantment: On Charisma and the Sublime in the Arts of the West
Albrecht Classen
Stephen Knight, ed., Robin Hood in Greenwood Stood: Alterity and Context in the English Outlaw Tradition  Kevin J. Harty
Jeff Rider and Jamie Friedman, eds., The Inner Life of Women in Medieval Romance Literature: Grief, Guilt, and Hypocrisy
Amy N. Vines
Linda Marie Zaerr, Performance and the Middle English Romance
Robert Boenig

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

JIAS 1.1

The inaugural issue of the Journal of the International Arthurian Society is now available. Contents can be accessed in print form and online (for a price) at http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/jias-2013-1-issue-1/issue-files/jias-2013-1-issue-1.xml. Members of the society have free (?) access top the e-version of the journal.

Contents as follows:


Page i


Radulescu, Raluca
Page 1
Published Online: 11/26/2013

État présent Arthurian Literature in the North

Rikhardsdottir, Sif / Eriksen, Stefka G.
Page 3
Published Online: 11/26/2013

Licht und Erleuchtung im Rappoltsteiner Parzifal

Dietl, Cora
Page 29
Published Online: 11/26/2013

Les enfances de Perceval dans le Tristan en prose: jeunesse du héros et genèse du texte

de Carné, Damien / Ferlampin-Acher, Christine
Page 50
Published Online: 11/26/2013

Yvain among Friars

Bandlien, Bjørn
Page 81
Published Online: 11/26/2013

Robert Deschaux (1924–2013)

Page 161
Published Online: 11/26/2013

Ulrich Müller (1940–2012)

Page 163
Published Online: 11/26/2013

André Crépin (1928–2013)

Page 165
Published Online: 11/26/2013

Annual Prize Competition

Page 169
Published Online: 11/26/2013

Congrès de la Société Internationale Arthurienne

Page 170
Published Online: 11/26/2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

New in SMART Fall 2013

The latest number of Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching (20.2) includes the following essays of interest:

CRYSTAL HALL Orlando Furioso: The Board Game

MOLLY MARTIN Malory’s Launcelot and Gwenyver in the Twenty-First-Century Classroom

KAROLYN KINANE Arthurian Legends in General Education: An Example of Student-Centered Pedagogy

As always, SMART can be ordered direct at http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=smart.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Fanni Bogdanow

Bonnie Wheeler recently reported on ArthurNet of the death of Arthurian scholar Fanni Bogdanow. I could not find any official obituary yet, but the Quondam et Futurus wiki has a list of her publications at http://kingarthur.wikia.com/wiki/Fanni_Bogdanow. More to follow as/if it becomes available.

Camelot Project Reborn

The Camelot Project at the University of Rochester has received a new look, the first (I believe) since its formation in the 1990s. The home page and menus have changed as have the design of all the pages. The site's URL has also been altered, and its home page is now at http://d.lib.rochester.edu/camelot-project, an alteration that effects the URLs of every page on the site.

Monday, August 12, 2013

King Arhur Forever Reborn


As I've noted on Studies of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages, the past few years have been hard ones for maintaining our online presence as I would like, and, in the interests of making things easier on me (and, eventually, you), I've begun a process of reorganizing the activities of The Virtual Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages. As part of the initial phase of this development, I am pleased to announce the formation of The Alliance for the Promotion of Research on the Matter of Britain as an affiliate responsible for our Arthurian-themed publications.

The Alliance will be centered at KingArthurForever.org, thus reclaiming the origin point of our society. The Virtual Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages began life as The Society for Arthurian Popular Culture Studies, which was loosely incorporated in 2000, through its website, discussion lists and, later, conference sessions. This group was merged into ours in 2004 under the dual leadership of Carl Grindley and myself and its infrastructure taken over. I now propose to begin the process of untangling the two groups once more. The Alliance will immediately take over sponsorship of our Arthurian-themed discussion lists and the King Arthur Forever blog, now rechristened King Arthur Forever: The Matter of Britain Lives, and slowly claim ownership of our two other Arthurian-themed blogs, The Arthur of the Comics Project and The Matter of Britain on Screen. Over time, the Alliance will also absorb the missions and blogs of both The Alliance for the Promotion of Research on the Villains of the Matter of Britain and The Institute for the Advancement of Scholarship on the Magic-Wielding Figures of Visual Electronic Multimedia and their respective websites. I hope these change we allow us to better serve the interests of our collective.

Michael A. Torregrossa
Co-Founder, The Virtual Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages
Founder, The Alliance for the Promotion of Research on the Matter of Britain